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It's been a few months since the last time travel expedition where I go dig up ancient game source code and then pull it forward in time so it can be compiled and run on modern systems, so I decided it was time for another.

This time, due to a request, it's Supernova. Originally published about 30 years ago, Apogee Software released the source code for Supernova and a few other titles under the GPL back in 2009 but they could only be run in an emulator and couldn't be built from source on any modern system. I took advantage of the GPL's freedom to modify, and with about 20 hours (or more? I lost track) of work invested, it can now be built from source and run on modern systems without needing an emulator.

It should compile and run on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X although I've only tested it on GNU/Linux because that's all I have access to. Testing and feedback for other systems is appreciated though. The updated source code can be found at https://gitorious.org/jxself/supernova/ but pay attention to the known limitations in the Build file.

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